What You Need on Your Wedding Registry

Dallas Wedding Planner

Dallas Wedding Planner

A little detail that is often forgotten when planning a wedding is what to include on your wedding registry. There are a million other details to consider like your dress, what you’ll be serving at dinner, whether you want live music or a DJ…so your registry is often overlooked! Dallas wedding planner Divine Wedding Details has some great tips for what you should be including on your registry.

After your wedding, you and your loved one will be starting your new life together. All of those months spent thinking about wedding color schemes and bouquets will disappear. You’ll finally be living your normal life together as newly-weds. So this means you’ll be doing normal things again…like cooking and cleaning. Instead of deciding what your guests will be eating at your wedding, the two of you will be deciding what to cook up for dinner!

With cooking and cleaning comes lots and lots of supplies. So your registry should consist of things like a blender, coffee maker, dish sets, toaster ovens, etc. In addition, consider things like vacuums, dish towels, brooms, and more. Just think about all of those kitchen tools and cleaning supplies you use on a daily basis. This is a time to start fresh and buy the things that the two of you need to live a normal life together.

This Dallas wedding planner also reminds her couples that it certainly isn’t wrong to add a few special items to your registry! Have you been eyeing that beautiful duvet from Pottery Barn that would look perfect in your new master bedroom? Or what about that ceramic dish-set from Anthropologie? Don’t feel guilty adding a few special items like that to your registry! Your guests want you both to feel extra special on your wedding day and every day after that. Friends and family members are often more than happy to buy you those extra special items on your list. Lisa, an experienced and very knowledgable Dallas wedding planner, has all the answers to your questions about your wedding registry.