What Makes a Great Wedding Planner?

How do you know if Divine Wedding Details is the right planner for you? Lisa has established herself as one of the best DFW planners because of her friendly personality and her attention to detail. She has an unmatched ability to get things done in a professional manner. Lisa is a Certified Dallas Wedding Planner/Dallas Event Planner with thirteen years of experience in wedding planning. Additionally, she has twenty years of experience with legal work, so she’s knowledgable about contracts and negotiations.

She has established lasting relationships with various venues and vendors throughout the DFW area. Lisa offers all kinds of services for her brides and grooms. She offers full wedding day service and management. In addition, she can recommend the best vendors for your wedding cake, invitations, hand-written signage, and so much more. She also provides a budget for the couple. This ensures that they get exactly what they want without overspending.

Lisa’s fellow planner Brit has a deep passion for weddings. This has made her the perfect addition to the Divine Wedding Details team for the last three years. She has excellent taste and is known for being an extremely hard worker. Her excellent work ethic helps her get the job done well and in a timely fashion. In addition, she loves getting to know her clients and their love story. Along with her passion for weddings, she has experience in financial planning. She is the perfect person for ensuring that the couple stays within their wedding budget.

Lisa and Brit make the perfect pair for wedding planning. Lisa’s relationship with DFW vendors combined with Brit’s love for weddings has proven to be the perfect combination. Because of their teamwork and attention to detail, Divine Wedding Details has become one of the best DFW planners in the area.