The golden rules of using social media at weddings:


#1 Change your Facebook privacy settings

No bride wants to be tagged in an unflattering Facebook pic, showing mascara black happy tears dripping down her face as she embraces her new husband for the first time. Yes, it’s a beautiful moment- but no, you really don’t want it on your profile as the first photo of you as a newlywed. A quick tweak to your settings will mean you can approve all photos you’re tagged in before they appear on your profile. Clever, no?

#2 Make your hashtag clear

Whether you print it in the Service Programs or ask an artistically-inclined friend to create a bespoke canvas illustrating it, make sure your hashtag is clear enough for guests to notice. Keep it simple to avoid typos.

#3 Leave a day’s grace

Are you normally the first to head online to share your news? Fight your urges to update your Facebook status and savor twirling around the dance floor with your husband and mingle with your guests instead. Facebook can wait for 24 hours without you updating your profile. Those who need to know will already be celebrating with you anyway- and those who don’t can wait!


#4 Think before you share

If you’re a guest looking to do some post-wedding analysis, remember everything you share-or say- about the wedding day will be visible to your social group. So perhaps keep your thoughts about that freaky second cousin at dinner or the awkward best man’s speech to yourself…

#5 Check before you upload

If a hashtag hasn’t been clearly specified, check with the newlyweds or a member of the bridal party what the photo policy is. It’s every bride’s prerogative to be the one to upload the first photograph of herself looking gorgeous in her wedding dress, so don’t burst her bubble by stealing her thunder and getting there first!