Wedding Planning Expertise – Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

Wedding Planning Expertise

Destination weddings may have started as a trend, but just keep getting bigger and better as more couples ditch the traditional hometown wedding, for a new, exciting adventure. There are obviously some really fun pros for planning a destination wedding, for example, you’ll basically already be on your honeymoon—no waiting in an airport the day after your wedding, but let’s find out if a destination wedding might be for you.

1. Are you overall unconventional in your ways and always looking for a new way to be different? A destination wedding might be right for you! Between the wedding pictures and stories that you’ll be able to tell, it will be sure to be a unique experience that not many will have.

2. Do you have a large family that you have always dreamed of watching you get married or is your guest list pretty small, consisting of close family and friends? This is a huge determining factor in considering a destination wedding. If you want your whole family to be at your wedding, a destination wedding might not be the most realistic for grandparents or family with younger kids, so realistic expectations are important.

3. Are you the one who never wants the party to end? With a destination wedding, if you chose to, you could keep the celebration going with your family and friends while you’re all still out of state or overseas, still making sure to have some alone time with your new spouse. Of course, even with a destination wedding, you can just have a one day celebration and then spend the rest of your time one-on-one if you’d like, but with most destinations weddings that’s not the case.

If you want to learn more about destination weddings, contact us today. We’d love to hear more about your plans and let you take advantage of destination wedding expertise.