Wedding Planners vs. Venue Coordinators and the Ugly Truth

As Wedding Planners we hear it all the time, “I don’t need a Wedding Planner, the venue has a coordinator.”  Couples tell us one of the biggest selling points from venues are they have coordinators in-house which can save them money from hiring an outside Wedding Planner.  Unless you’re in the industry, you don’t know the difference between Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators. Most couples find hiring a Wedding Planner more of a necessary and practical cost to the wedding to avoid spending hundreds of hours outside their regular job.  Couples want to enjoy more of the planning and people around them on their special day.  Some of the key differences to know between the two when planning your wedding are:

Venue Coordinators

  • work within the walls of the venue and everything that comes with the venue, in a limited capacity
  • may provide a list of preferred vendors, but that same list goes to every couple
  • oversee multiple events sometimes on a given day or weekend, not leaving time for personalization and attention to each event
  • are shared with most likely more than 100 other couples which means catching them during business hours may be challenging
  • do not negotiate with vendors, review contracts, attend vendor meetings
  • do not design custom calendars of milestones through the planning, vendor deadlines and payment schedules
  • center timelines around when food is prepared

Wedding Planners

  • work with everything from the venue to the vendors and outside the venue
  • make recommendations for vendors based on budget, personality and style for each couple
  • attend vendor meetings
  • take limited clientele so they can maximize time, attention and personalization to each couple
  • negotiate, research and are more active in their role for the couple for their style and personality
  • can account for design and style alternatives to fit a couples budget
  • are the architect who lays the foundation for the couples event, blue printing details and designs
  • provide ongoing support from beginning to end
  • center timelines around the couple and their vision for their event from the time the bride wakes up to the grand exit

Spending the money on a Wedding Planner and enjoy the experience of being a guest at your own wedding is the best plan for your one special day!