Plan B – When It Rains on Your Wedding Day

You never know what kind of weather Dallas could throw at you at any time of year. No one expected the insane storm on Sunday afternoon that resulted in a city-wide power outage and broken trees lining every street. Thankfully, Dallas wedding coordinator Divine Wedding Details always has a backup plan for this city’s crazy weather patterns! Planners Lisa and Brit ensure that their couples have an indoor option in case they experience an unexpected storm on their special day. Thankfully this Dallas wedding coordinator knows how to make your day as memorable as possible, even with a little rain!

It’s so important to have a wedding planner for these types of spontaneous situations. Lisa and Brit have had plenty of experience turning a gray, rainy day into a shining memory for their brides and grooms. With their positive attitudes, they encourage their couples to stay calm under the stress of the situation. They are always well-prepared for any kind of weather. With their expertise, they are ready to make plans with the couple’s venue to organize a last-minute indoor ceremony or set up a covered area or tent.

One of the most important jobs for this Dallas wedding coordinator is to support the bride and groom. Lisa and Brit remind their couples that a little bad weather will definitely not ruin their day. In fact, rain on your wedding day is good luck! So Lisa and Brit have learned how to make the most of gray, rainy weather. They can turn it into something magical. With a little extra planning for materials like umbrellas and towels, you and your guests will still remember your day with joy. So have no fear of a little rain on your wedding day! Divine Wedding Details has you covered – both figuratively and literally.