Fall Wedding Tips

DFW Wedding Planner

DFW Wedding Planner

A fall wedding sounds so dreamy – the temperatures are cooling down, the city is filled with warm tones, and the smell of pumpkin is constantly in the air. DFW wedding planner Divine Wedding Details has the best tips for making your fall wedding extra special.

For a fall wedding in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Lisa suggests picking a date in late October or early November. The cool temperatures during these few weeks of the year are perfect for a wedding. Also, if you schedule your wedding for the first few weeks of November, you’ll avoid big holiday weekends like Thanksgiving, which could be tricky to work around. In the DFW area, leaves don’t begin to fall until December. So October and November would be the perfect time to experience the orange and red foliage before the trees go bare in the winter.

Another great aspect of a fall wedding are seasonally-inspired elements that you can include in your decor. For example, the beautiful warm shades of fall foliage can provide you with an ideal color scheme! Lisa suggests shades like olive green, burnt orange, and deep burgundy, just to name a few. This DFW wedding planner is an expert when it comes to fall wedding decor.

Additionally, something that Lisa reminds her couples to be aware of is having an outdoor wedding. With fall comes the end of Daylight Savings Time. If you’re looking to have an outdoor ceremony, make sure you consider what time the sun sets. At the beginning of November, the sun sets around 5:30pm in the Dallas area. Just be mindful of this – it could also be a great advantage. If you choose to hold your ceremony around 5pm, your backdrop could be a beautiful sunset! An outdoor ceremony could also mean cooler temperatures, especially when the sun is setting. Something Lisa suggests is offering blankets or heaters for guests. Details like these could add an extra cozy feel to your fall wedding! If you’re ready to pick a date for a fall wedding, look no further. This DFW wedding planner has endless amounts of expert advice for your autumn-themed wedding.