Bouquet Trends

Dallas wedding trends are constantly changing with the times. Fortunately, your favorite Dallas wedding planner is always up to date on these trends and ensure that they keep their clients updated, as well. A very important detail on your wedding day is the bouquet! Flowers play such an important part in a wedding. Without them, your day would be much less lively and colorful. So it’s important to be aware of the trends so you can look back on your special day and be proud of the decisions you made for each of the details.

  • We’re only halfway through 2019 and we’ve already witnessed some extremely unique bouquet trends popping up. There are quite a few that have caught our eye. One is the single-stem trend. Recently, we’ve seen brides choosing one large, statement flower on its own or paired with subtle greenery as an alternative to the classic bouquet.
  • Another trend we’ve recently noticed as warmer weather is arriving is the use of tropical leaves. Tropical leaves are often quite large and a beautiful shade of deep green. These qualities make them just as eye-catching as bright flowers. With the breezy temperatures we’ve had here lately, these tropical leaves would make for the perfect Dallas wedding trend.
  • Another lovely trend we’ve seen are bouquets with dried flowers and grasses. This type of bouquet would be a great choice for a rustic or bohemian-style wedding.
  • Another style that has caught our eye is monochromatic bouquets. Florists have combined various types of flowers but maintained a single color scheme. For example, they’ll combine white roses, baby’s breath, white carnations, etc. to maintain one color for the whole bouquet. The variety of flowers maintains that eye-catching quality that is worthy of a walk down the aisle.

The options listed above are just a few of the many Dallas wedding trends we’ve seen recently! Planners and florists are getting more and more creative with floral bouquets, making those little details in your wedding day even more special.