Best Wedding Day Snacks

Dallas Wedding Coordinator

It’s your big day! Your Dallas wedding coordinator, bridesmaids, sisters, and mother are all with you to get ready for the day. But wait! You’re hungry, but you’re nervous to eat because what if you begin to bloat and then somehow you don’t fit into your dress? It is nerve-wracking. Our first and best advice for your big day, is to eat! You don’t want to feel woozy mid-ceremony because you were too nervous to eat anything. We have compiled a list of the best wedding day snacks to get you through the day without feeling bad or becoming bloated.

  • A few snacks that are good all across the board for feeling good and not becoming bloated are fruits! Start your day off with a nice fruit salad of your favorites. This will not only be delicious, but give you energy from the natural sugars.
  • Another good snack throughout the day are fruit and nut bars. Try something like a Lara Bar or an RX Bar! They both have plenty of servings of protein and fruit to keep you going and keep you full.
  • Snacks that are good to keep on hand and carry around are popcorn and nuts. Popcorn, especially without butter, will fill you up, but in the good way! Nuts will help to fill you up with their protein, as well. These are both snacks to eat with ease, that you know will not stain.

Make sure to avoid what you know makes you feel bloated and not good. For some people that might be bread, and if so, don’t have toast for breakfast! For other people that might be dairy, sugar, or caffeine. You know your body best, so you know what to avoid to feel your very best on your big day!