Altar Trends We Love

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Brides, grooms, and wedding planners have become more and more creative. Traditional wedding details are becoming more modern, and couples aren’t afraid to stand out! Something that Divine Wedding Details, the best Dallas wedding planner, has noticed are new trends in wedding altars. Brides and grooms push aside more traditional altars for something more exciting and creative!

A trend seen quite frequently are arches framed in foliage. These arches or frames come in all sorts of shapes. We’ve seen the traditional arch shape, a more modern rectangle, geometric shapes, or even full circles! Some are wooden, giving them a more rustic feel. Others come in various metallic materials like gold or copper, adding a sleek, modern touch. Still others take a step even further, using transparent materials to give the effect of floating foliage!

What makes these custom arches so special is that the materials and the foliage chosen allows the couple to add that unique touch to their day. They can frame the arch in whatever flowers they choose. For a more rustic feel, couples often choose wooden frames with dried grasses and warm pastels, for example. In contrast, eucalyptus and white flowers paired with golden, geometric frames is the way to go for a modern look. The best Dallas wedding planner, Divine Wedding Details, will find the right altar for your style!

Additionally, a few other elements that can add a special touch to your altar are draped fabric and vintage rugs. Finding a beautiful fabric that pairs perfectly with the colors of your wedding adds an elegant touch to any altar. Vintage rugs are also a perfect accessory to add a somewhat bohemian, relaxed feel to the altar space. These two elements could add just what you’re looking for to spice up your altar.

The altar is a special space for the happy couple on their wedding day, so it should represent them and their style! To define what that style may be for you and your loved one, look to the best Dallas wedding planner for a little advice.