Here Come the Girls

5 simple style steps for Mother of the Bride

  1. COMFORT IS KEY! The golden rule for the mother of the bride’s outfit is “be true to yourself”. You should wear something that makes you comfortable and makes you look good; you want your daughter to feel proud of you, after all.
  2. RECRUIT HELP! If the bride has a color theme in mind, it is important that she includes you in it. If the bride is not available to go shopping, I would recommend you take a good friend whose taste you respect or even if you’re close with a bridesmaid. A second opinion is invaluable.
  3. USE YOUR HEAD (OR NOT)! Hat or fascinator? If protocol requires it- or if you love wearing hats and they suit you-then why not? If the wedding is more informal, and you never wear hats, then why make yourself feel- and possibly even look- awkward on such an important day?
  4. SPEND WHERE IT COUNTS! Treat yourself to professional hair and make-up- though do make sure that they bring out the best of you and not turn you into someone no one recognizes!
  5. BUY’N’DYE! Your daughter’s wedding is a great excuse to splash out on some designer shoes, like Louboutin’s classic ‘simple pump’ in ivory ($615 You could then dye them to match the color of your outfit.

Simply the Guys

Now fellas this isn’t just any suit you’re choosing. It’s the outfit for your big day! We all know that your mom will have a dozen framed and laying around the house so you don’t want to mess it up.

Get measured!

Bets leave this to the professionals and seek a tailor. First decide whether you want to buy, rent or even have a suit custom made.

Know the formalities!

Unless you’re a seasoned attendee of the Oscars, you’re going to be dealing with the unknown, so make sure you’re clued up on how to knot your tie, bow tie or cravat so you don’t have a last minute panic on the big day. (Don’t worry we’ve got some tutorials for you)

Don’t forget the details!

Make sure your collar is stiff, your cuffs have cuff links and your cummerbund is color coordinated, if you are having them of course. Socks need to be thought of- Sponge bob square pants socks are not going to cut it, however a polka-dot or stripe could be fun for the photographs.

At the last minute!

Don’t do it!

Planner Perfect

Adding Pins to Pinterest!

Although with Pinterest you can’t upload multiple photos like other social media such as Facebook, there is a very simple way to upload a new pin from your own photos. Just follow these simple steps to start pinning like a pro!

Step one: Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen

Step two: Click ‘Upload pin’

Step three: Click ‘Choose Image’

Step four: Select image you wish to upload

Step five: Click Open

FINALLY: Select the board you wish to pin this to, write a short description of your choice and your now a pro!

Just repeat the process if you have more than one photo to upload.   Happy Pinning!

Ghosts of Weddings Past

Such a beautiful wedding playing on the blushes and golds!

Such a beautiful wedding playing on the blushes and golds!


Time for Toasts;

At a rehearsal dinner, the toasting order usually goes like this:

–          Toasts to the bride and groom

Groom’s dad, best man, maid/matron of honor, other friends

–          Toasts by the bride and groom

Groom toasts- bride, parents, new parents, and friends

Bride toasts- groom, parents, new parents, and friends

–          Dual toast

Bride and groom toast anyone they wish to honor, as a unit

At the wedding, the toasting order usually goes like this:

The father of the bride welcomes the guests, toasts the groom’s parents offers a few words of advice to the newlyweds, welcomes his new son in law to the family, says lovely things about his daughter and toasts the bride and groom.

The Groom compliments his new wife, thanks all the guests, thanks both sets of parents and toasts the bridesmaids.

The best man thanks the bridesmaids, reads any messages or apologies of absence, tells a few light-hearted anecdotes about the groom, and toasts the host/hostess and the newlyweds.

The Bride is now saying a few words at the wedding, don’t be afraid to stand up and say a few heartfelt words. You should speak after the groom, but before the best man.