Couple’s Wedding Style

What Style Couple are you?

Most couples have a difficult time defining their style when it comes to planning their special day.  Some believe their ‘style’ is what their current home environment is while others believe their ‘style’ is  individual to the bride and individual to the groom.  Truth be told: they are all of the above combined.  Bringing a couple together to establish their stunning transformation into a ‘couples style,’ is one of the most fascinating and romantic time we enjoy when working with them.  It’s a new discovery for them to learn an aspect of each other that they did not know was still unexplored before the proposal.

Are you the TRADITIONALIST who loves classic, timeless patterns with a twist on black and white’s cool younger sister white and slate striking arrangements containing white cymbidium orchids paired with texture-rich succulents?

Are you the ECLECTIC who has a vision for mix-and-match combined with a retro style of accessories like Kate Spade and Baccarat?

Are you an ELEGANT who loves the soft tones with splashes of gold and mercury to add a sense of class and sophistication to your special day?

Are your VIBRANT who loves bold statement colors that adds a sense of fun to the wedding like Alice in Wonderland?

Whatever your style is,  find it and build a style for a lifetime together!