Choosing the Right Honeymoon Destination

Destination Wedding Planner

So you’re married! You got through all the planning, the stress, the big, beautiful day, and now its time for your honeymoon. If you’re still engaged and that sentence will apply to you in a few months, congratulations! As a destination wedding planner, we would love to help you decide where you will be spending your first trip as a married couple! Here are a few tips from the pros on how to choose your destination.

  • First up, set the budget. Don’t just set the budget, but be realistic and stick to it. Honeymooning at a private villa in Bali with room service every morning sounds great, but the bill might be a reach. When you stick to your budget, even in the searching process, you won’t end up disappointed if a more expensive option doesn’t work out since it won’t be on the table.
  • Make sure to think about weather. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, love mild temperatures, but really want a winter wedding? In this case, Ireland may not be the best choice. Be aware of what the weather will be like no matter where you are going. No one wants to wear a coat when they really want to be wearing shorts.
  • You will want to consider the vibe that you are wanting out of a honeymoon, as well. Are you both laid-back people? It might be better to have a slow, beach honeymoon that you will never have to worry about being somewhere for. If you like adventure, it might be better to have a honeymoon in a new place with sightseeing and lots of things to experience.

In the end, your honeymoon is your honeymoon and wherever you choose to go, you will have a great time with your new spouse. Have fun choosing a destination and imagining yourselves somewhere new together.