Best Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Styles

Dallas Wedding Planner

As a Dallas wedding planner, I see so many flower girl and ring bearer styles and trends. There are always new things out there for the two to carry or wear. This makes it possible for this position in the wedding to be as traditional or unique as you would like it to be! Here are some fun tips and styles that you can use on your big day.

Flower Girls
  • Flower girls traditionally carry a basket of flowers to toss into the aisle, but this can easily be changed up! Think about all of the things that flower petals could be placed into to carry. You could use a rustic bucket, a lantern, or even something like a cowboy hat. It will be even cuter when they use something unique.
  • Speaking of unique, you can even have the flower girls throw something other than flower petals! They can be throwing confetti, glitter, or even initials out.
  • When it comes to what flower girls wear, the tradition is white, to match the bride. You can either stick with that or go with something that matches the bridal party’s dresses. It will look even more cohesive and make your flower girl feel like she is fully a part of the big day.
Ring Bearers
  • Have the ring bearers match the groomsmen fully; if the men are wearing polka dot suspenders, have your ring bearer do the same. It will not only keep everyone matching, but it will look so adorable!
  • Instead of having the ring bearers carry the rings in on a traditional pillow, opt for something more personal or unique. Maybe you have old quilt squares from a grandparent or a personalized pillow. You might even use something like a bed of flowers to match the florals in your wedding. Make this as fun as you would like it to be!