5 Questions to Ask Your DFW Planner

DFW Planner

Knowing all about your DFW planner is so important to ensure your big day goes perfectly as planned! You don’t want to find out the day of your rehearsal dinner that it is not included in a base price for your planner to be there. Make sure to ask lots of questions when looking for a planner and continue to throughout the process. Here are 5 questions that we think are important to know and ask!

  • What events are included? This is an important question because not all wedding planners include the rehearsal dinner, for example, into their pricing. It is important to know this because you don’t want to get to an important day in your wedding planning and unexpectedly not have your planner there.
  • What is their experience in wedding planning? It is always nice to know if you are the third wedding that they have planned or the 300th. It will help expectations on both ends and clear up any confusion if they seem to be asking a lot of questions or if they have to take a little bit more time to figure things out.
  • Do they have back up? This one seems like an odd question, but if your wedding planner is sick on your big day, what will happen? Do they have someone to step up in their place that can do just as good of a job?
  • What services aren’t included that might be needed? Maybe your planner leaves finding a printer for your wedding invitations up to you, these are things you need to know! Be sure to know for certain what is and is not included.
  • How many hours are included day of? Will they be there the whole ceremony? Two hours? Keep this question in mind to ask so that you know what to expect of your planner on your big day.

We at Divine Wedding Details would love to be your planner and answer all of these questions for you! Please contact us if you want more information.