Where to Cut the Budget

Where to cut the budget?

Couples ask us all the time how to cut their budget, yet have a great party.  We tell them to make two lists similar to what you do when preparing your guests list:  make a list of your ‘must-haves’ and ‘like-to-haves’.

Your must-haves are anything that will directly impact the wedding experience such as food/beverage, if you don’t provide these you will have a mob on your hands!

The ‘like-to-haves’ are going to be a band vs. DJ, lush and expensive floral, lighting.  It is easier to downgrade floral and the form of entertainment, but it’s not so easy to justify why the food is awful.

The Art of Thank You

  The Art of Thank You

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.

                                                                                       -William James

Thank You notes are more often considered notes of gratitude.  Thank You notes should be written following the receipt of a gift.  Taking a honeymoon?  Your notes of gratitude should be written as soon as you return, but within three weeks preceding the wedding.  You should appreciate the time, effort and good intentions of the giver no matter what the gift.

Bride, Groom Responsibilities

Groom’s responsibilities vs Bride’s responsibilities

Planning your dream wedding is a balancing act between the couple.  Share the responsibilities in a respectful way, don’t steamroll over your fiancée. Pick your battles, discuss what is most important to each of you and avoid weakening your commitment to one another.

Always remember the 4 C’s. NO, I don’t mean cut, clarity, carat and color! Compromise, Communicate, Considerate and C