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Sure, the bride and the groom had endured their share of troubles. They had even been married once before, and she had once gotten an order of protection against him. But should that really stand in the way of their second wedding?

Well, when the pair tried to tie the knot in New York last summer, groom Timothy Cole was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal contempt for being too close to the bride.

The arrest probably wouldn’t have happened if Cole hadn’t quarreled with one of the wedding guests.

When police arrived, they recognized Cole from his previous arrests and his past clashes with the bride.

Perfect Palettes

Pastels used in spring weddings works perfectly!

Pastels used in spring weddings work perfectly!

Vendor tip-bits

Here Come the Girls

Maid/Matron of Honor toast inspiration

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone.

-Anthony Burgess

Simply the Guys

Father of the Bride toast inspiration

Remember this… very little is needed to make a happy life

-Marcus Aurelius

Planner Perfect

How to break in wedding shoes;

Baby Step: Start wearing your wedding shoes on different surfaces around the house several weeks before the big day. Don’t wait until last minute. Breaking in shoes takes time.

Kindergarten: Stand in your shoes in one place, as you would at the ceremony and check your level of comfort. If you are not comfortable, you will need to continue wearing the shoes around the house.

Middle School: If you plan to wear hose on your wedding day, try on a similar pair with your wedding shoes and wear them around the house.

Junior High: Wear your wedding shoes on slippery surfaces to check if the bottoms are slick. If you are enrolled in a dance class, wear your wedding shoes to class. If not, do some dancing in your wedding shoes. Make sure they fit properly and don’t fly off your feet!

Graduation: Place non slip stickers on the bottoms of your wedding shoes to avoid taking a spill during the ceremony or reception. Another option is to scuff the bottoms with sandpaper to add traction. Remember that an unexpected fall might make a humorous anecdote at your ten year anniversary, but it certainly won’t be funny on the big day.

Ghosts of Weddings Past

A beautiful navy and orange Jewish wedding.

A beautiful navy and orange Jewish wedding.


Who does what?

The best man is responsible for supporting the groom, planning his stag night, ensuring he gets to the church on time, handing over the wedding rings during the ceremony and making a speech. He will also be responsible for all the ushers, and returning the rented suits (if they were rented).

The maid/matron of honor will plan your hen night, help you get ready on the morning of the wedding, take your bouquet when you are saying your vows and help soothe last minute nerves. She is also responsible for any other bridesmaids you have.

Ushers/House party will help with the distribution of programs. Ushers will escort the female guest (whether married or not) to their seats. If guests have young children give them seats near the door in case they need to leave the ceremony room.

Your Crazy’s Showing


Fabiana Reyes and her husband, Elmo Jesus Fernandez, thought it would be nice to renew their wedding vows last year — in a church this time, since they didn’t have a church wedding the first time around.

Everything went fine until the reception, when the band stopped playing to give the DJ a turn.

Reyes got so frustrated that she “knocked over and damaged the band’s conga drums valued at $600, a speaker valued at $350 and other equipment,” according to the New York newspaper The Journal News.

A fight ultimately erupted between police and Reyes, her husband and their 21-year-old daughter. All three family members went to jail.

Perfect Palettes

Winter wonderland is a perfect theme for a winter wedding!

Winter wonderland is a perfect theme for a winter wedding!

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