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Too Stressed Out to Sleep? Try These Tips

If you feel like wedding stress is keeping you up at night, you’re probably right. Stress can have a significant effect on your ability to sleep well.

The American Psychological Association reports:

• 31 percent of millennials don’t get enough sleep because they’re thinking of things they need to do or haven’t finished yet.
• 35 percent say they have too many things to do and not enough time to sleep at least eight hours each night.

When you’re wedding planning, there’s practically no end to the list of things you need to do. But sleep should be at the top of your list.

When you don’t get enough sleep, there can be consequences including:

  • Feeling sluggish or lazy
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Skipping exercise
  • Increased stress

How to Get Better Sleep

Getting the sleep you need at night can help you better manage stress and feel more refreshed every day. Improve your sleep health and get quality rest each night with these tips for better sleep:

  • Make your bedroom a healthy sleep environment. Sleeping in a calm, quiet, and comfortable environment is key for healthy rest. Choose your mattress carefully, so you’re sleeping on a bed that meets your needs. Block out distractions such as bright lights and noise, using blackout curtains, earplugs, fans, or a white noise machine at night. Keep any wedding DIY projects out of your bedroom too.
  • Manage stress. Practice stress management throughout the day. Organize your tasks and set priorities. Ask for help, delegating tasks that you can’t or don’t need to do yourself. This tactic is especially important with wedding projects, as they can pile up quickly and become overwhelming.
  • Stay active. Regular exercise can help you manage stress and get the rest you need. Outdoor activities can support a healthy circadian rhythm by giving you good exposure to sunlight during the day. However, you should avoid intense physical exercise late at night, as it can leave you feeling too energized to sleep well. Going for a walk with your partner before your rehearsal dinner could be a good solution.
  • Follow a regular sleep schedule and bedtime routine. Consistent sleep can make it easier for you to sleep well at night. When you have a regular bedtime, your body will become tired at the same time and help you fall asleep faster. The same is true for a regular bedtime routine: when you go through the same steps before bed each night, your body recognizes the routine and starts to slow down and relax for sleep. Make sure that your rehearsal dinner timing doesn’t interfere with this schedule or you may struggle to sleep before your wedding.

Although many couples don’t worry about sleep issues until the night before the wedding, developing healthy sleep habits can take a few weeks. Practice making time to rest in the weeks leading up to your wedding so that you can ease into sleep on the night before your big day.

Article contributed by guest author and researcher Samantha Kent.
Ellie Porter, Managing Editor of

Ghosts of Weddings Past

Lovely barn setting for a perfect rustic chic wedding!

Lovely barn setting for a perfect rustic chic wedding!


The golden rules of using social media at weddings:


#1 Change your Facebook privacy settings

No bride wants to be tagged in an unflattering Facebook pic, showing mascara black happy tears dripping down her face as she embraces her new husband for the first time. Yes, it’s a beautiful moment- but no, you really don’t want it on your profile as the first photo of you as a newlywed. A quick tweak to your settings will mean you can approve all photos you’re tagged in before they appear on your profile. Clever, no?

#2 Make your hashtag clear

Whether you print it in the Service Programs or ask an artistically-inclined friend to create a bespoke canvas illustrating it, make sure your hashtag is clear enough for guests to notice. Keep it simple to avoid typos.

#3 Leave a day’s grace

Are you normally the first to head online to share your news? Fight your urges to update your Facebook status and savor twirling around the dance floor with your husband and mingle with your guests instead. Facebook can wait for 24 hours without you updating your profile. Those who need to know will already be celebrating with you anyway- and those who don’t can wait!


#4 Think before you share

If you’re a guest looking to do some post-wedding analysis, remember everything you share-or say- about the wedding day will be visible to your social group. So perhaps keep your thoughts about that freaky second cousin at dinner or the awkward best man’s speech to yourself…

#5 Check before you upload

If a hashtag hasn’t been clearly specified, check with the newlyweds or a member of the bridal party what the photo policy is. It’s every bride’s prerogative to be the one to upload the first photograph of herself looking gorgeous in her wedding dress, so don’t burst her bubble by stealing her thunder and getting there first!

Your Crazy’s Showing

Perfect Palettes

A perfect theme for Spring with clean and elegant colors!

A perfect theme for Spring with clean and elegant colors!

Here Come the Girls


No longer will I play the field. The field stinks… both economically and socially.

-Holly Golightly

Simply the Guys

Groom’s toast inspiration

This is my beloved and this is my friend

-Song of Solomon 5:16

Planner Perfect

What style wedding dress is best for me?

A mermaid silhouette is for the bride who doesn’t mind showing of her curves, regardless of her body type. This style is extremely fitted to the knees, flaring out at the bottom of the skirt. It is not the best style for women who are petite in height or like to get on the dance floor and have a good time the day of their wedding!

An A-line gown has a fitted bodice, and the skirt flares out towards the bottom, creating an “A” shape. The skirt can have a full or slim design (modified A-line). An A-line gown flatters all body shapes. If you are petite, try a modified A-line. With a small frame, a fuller, more elaborate gown can overwhelm you. If you have an hourglass or curvy figure, an A-line gown with a dropped waist can be flattering.

An empire gown has a high waist, which sits directly underneath the bust =, and a skirt that flows down to the hem. This gown suits brides who are lacking in height- the high waist will elongate your body and give you a taller appearance. If you are pear shaped or have a voluptuous figure, try the empire gown- it brings attention to the upper body.

If you want the fairy tale princess look- the ball gown is for you. The ball gown has a fitted bodice with a VERY full skirt. If you are tall and thin, a ball gown will add shape to your slight figure. This style also flatters figures that are pear shaped and voluptuous.

At the end of the day, you want to have fun and enjoy your shopping experience. Be true to yourself and go with the gown you love!

Ghosts of Weddings Past

A rustic residential wedding, a lovely intimate wedding

A rustic residential wedding, a lovely intimate wedding!


The seating plan

  • Traditionally the bride and groom sit at a long top table with their parents, maid/matron of honor and best man. Many couples nowadays prefer a round table, which can be more sociable, while some couples opt for a ‘sweetheart’ table for just the two of you.
  • To avoid stress with divorced parents, sit them close to their new partners, or ask them to host their own tables.
  • An equal mix of both sexes on each table tends to keep the atmosphere lively
  • Children should either be seated with their parents or at a separate children’s table (this will give you the opportunity to give them activities to keep them occupied during parts of the reception)
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