Here Come the Girls

Vow Inspiration For All

Vow Inspiration

I love you

For all that you are

All that you have been

And all you are yet to be.

Bride Thanking Bridesmaids

To the bridesmaids love from the bride;

This is a beautiful speech to say thank you to all the bridesmaids for helping make your special day all it was meant to be and what wonderful people they are and what great friends they have been whether you have known each other for years or have just added them to the family!

There are some precious days when we suddenly realize that our lives are filled to the top with people we love. There are the people we feel we’ve known always- we can call them at any time, we can ask them for the world. There are the people who bring spark and humor- they make us laugh when didn’t know we could. They find the joy in everything. They are the people who give so quietly and beautifully- they would never believe we cannot imagine living without them. There are some people who become like sister- we can share everything. We live two halves of the same life. They are the people we haven’t known long- yet they have already found a place in our hearts. There are some precious days when we are able to pause… just long enough to see the beauty of the fact that our lives are joined together. Thank you for here on this day, for living the life you live so well, on this day when we look forward with hope and invite forever in, I am grateful to stand next to the people who show me how to love. I am grateful to be standing next to you. 

Bachelorette Games

Bachelorette Happenings

Some girls have no clue what kind of games they can play in the pre drinks before hitting the strip clubs or bars to celebrate your last day being a ‘Miss’. Here are a few games that could get the laughs flowing!

Bra Pong For a girly twist on beer pong, pin some underwire bras (the bigger the better )these will take the place of the cups on the table and throw a ping pong into the cups to score points; Drinking penalties optional.

Smash the boozy piñata ditch the sweets and fill yours will mini alcohol bottles- don’t forget to bubble wrap them first! – Then mix up a load of cocktails with the prizes won!

Pin the junk on the hunk like pin the tail on the donkey, but with naughty alternatives (think banana, hot dogs and rockets) cut out of paper and laminated. For your hunk you have an option of blowing up a picture of the groom or a celebrity crush to poster size.

Design a toilet-roll dress up the style stakes on this classic by assigning each team a decade to emulate.