Thinking about Hiring a Wedding Planner? Get all the Answers with Lisa Dean!

As a wedding professional, we strive to deliver top-notch customer experience that couples expect and deserve.  We work with couples at all points in their wedding journey. Providing actionable tips to couples to ensure that exceptional end-to-end customer experience keeps on giving to their expectations is invaluable.

It’s such a privilege to sit down and speak to Lisa Dean from Divine Wedding Details. Lisa’s enthusiasm and passion for couples to have a successful and beautiful wedding truly radiates. If you are newly engaged and debating on hiring a wedding planner, this interview is just for you!

 Priya: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Lisa: My love for all things wedding started when I was planning my own wedding to the love my life, Rett Dean. Pulling and pinning the old fashion way from magazines, I found my love and passion for life in planning weddings and details for others.

At the time, I was finishing up my college education while working full-time as a trial paralegal.  With no family locally to help with the planning, my fiancé found us a planner to assist us with our plans while we kept moving on in our personal lives.  I finished up  [college] by the time our wedding came around and earned my Bachelor of Arts & Science from The University of Texas – Dallas in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice.

The foundation for producing the most perfectly designed and elegant affairs comes with more than 15 years of certified planning and design experience and more than 20 years on the legal field.  I also worked with Preston Bailey Wedding Planning Institute – Lovegevity as a certified instructor in design and planning, based out of Southern California.

 Priya: I wanted to focus on the newly engaged couple who wants to start planning a wedding? Where should they start?

Lisa: Holy Smoly you’re engaged!  Now, what?!?  It’s overwhelming to think about what to do first.  Get a manicure, post a ring-selfie, or dive in head first to wedding planning.

First things first: Insure your ring.  It will be the best decision you do before diving into planning your best day ever! Once engaged, ring insured, start thinking about your desired date. Certain seasons have more popular wedding dates, and venues get booked far in advance.

Hiring a wedding planner is the first peace of mind you can give yourselves and the best gift of all.  You can’t book your perfect date until you’ve nailed down your dream venue.  A wedding planner will take the stress out off finding your dream venue and also provide you with pricing, availability, and logistics.

 Priya: What is the role of a wedding planner? How do they help with the wedding process?

Lisa: Wedding planners take out the guesswork and multi-online researches. They put all your needs in a tidy little package and present it to the couples to make choices based on their vision, expectations and most importantly, budget.

Wedding planners help couples stick to their budget to keep them from debt, or worse, taking a loan.

Money is always, unfortunately, the one planning discussion no one likes to talk about and most times can lead to awkward and heated conversations. We put into perspective the couple’s vision that aligns with their budget.

Most couples have visions beyond budget, and this is a discussion that has to be had among the couple and any counterparts involved in the budget contributions such as parents.

A wedding planner that knows the costs associated with planning and can quickly research the best options can lighten the tense conversations with realistic numbers and providing vendor recommendations that can work within your budget.

 Priya: How do you choose a wedding planner right for you? Do you have questions a couple should ask?

Lisa: Choosing the perfect wedding planner to stand by your side throughout the entire planning, helps reduce the stress and ensures you have the most successful wedding day of your life.  You will be spending most of your time planning with this one person or team, and you want them to be the best fit for your personality and style, but also well experienced and well-seasoned.

Ask yourself these three key questions:

1. Am I comfortable spending the next eight months to a year talking to this person every single day        and having lengthy meetings?

2. Can I trust they will execute my visions and expectations to the highest level?

3. Can this person be an advocate throughout the entire planning process, understanding your priorities and implement a polished vision that exceeds your expectations?

Other considerations when hiring a wedding planner: ask for references, reviews, do online research and request a free consultation.

 Priya: That’s some excellent advice! How much do wedding planner services cost?

Lisa: Wedding planners are invaluable to a busy bride and groom. The cost varies widely.

There are three most common types of wedding planners:

1. Day-of  2. Partial Planning 3. Full-scale Planning

Relative to the variance pricing structures can vary.  Determining how much responsibility the bride and groom wish to take on and/or hands-off will determine the cost.

 Priya: When is the best time to choose a wedding planner? Is better at the beginning or halfway through?

Lisa: Hiring a wedding planner at the very beginning stage before you consider booking a venue/vendors will be able to guide you properly through the budget and breakdown of each category of plan, so nothing is left to stretch later.

Wedding planners help couples review contracts and make proper recommendations based on the couples’ expectations.  They work with couples to maximize the budget if they know what’s most important and what has the most impact.

Hiring a wedding planner half-way through the planning process doesn’t leave much room for them to be able to negotiate on your behalf once contracts are executed and locked down.  Expenditures already made can’t be undone.

Thank you so much Lisa for your insight! If you or a friend is interested in hiring a wedding planner, definitely check out her website (Divine Wedding Details) and book an appointment!
sleepless wedding stress

Too Stressed Out to Sleep? Try These Tips

If you feel like wedding stress is keeping you up at night, you’re probably right. Stress can have a significant effect on your ability to sleep well.

The American Psychological Association reports:

• 31 percent of millennials don’t get enough sleep because they’re thinking of things they need to do or haven’t finished yet.
• 35 percent say they have too many things to do and not enough time to sleep at least eight hours each night.

When you’re wedding planning, there’s practically no end to the list of things you need to do. But sleep should be at the top of your list.

When you don’t get enough sleep, there can be consequences including:

  • Feeling sluggish or lazy
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Skipping exercise
  • Increased stress

How to Get Better Sleep

Getting the sleep you need at night can help you better manage stress and feel more refreshed every day. Improve your sleep health and get quality rest each night with these tips for better sleep:

  • Make your bedroom a healthy sleep environment. Sleeping in a calm, quiet, and comfortable environment is key for healthy rest. Choose your mattress carefully, so you’re sleeping on a bed that meets your needs. Block out distractions such as bright lights and noise, using blackout curtains, earplugs, fans, or a white noise machine at night. Keep any wedding DIY projects out of your bedroom too.
  • Manage stress. Practice stress management throughout the day. Organize your tasks and set priorities. Ask for help, delegating tasks that you can’t or don’t need to do yourself. This tactic is especially important with wedding projects, as they can pile up quickly and become overwhelming.
  • Stay active. Regular exercise can help you manage stress and get the rest you need. Outdoor activities can support a healthy circadian rhythm by giving you good exposure to sunlight during the day. However, you should avoid intense physical exercise late at night, as it can leave you feeling too energized to sleep well. Going for a walk with your partner before your rehearsal dinner could be a good solution.
  • Follow a regular sleep schedule and bedtime routine. Consistent sleep can make it easier for you to sleep well at night. When you have a regular bedtime, your body will become tired at the same time and help you fall asleep faster. The same is true for a regular bedtime routine: when you go through the same steps before bed each night, your body recognizes the routine and starts to slow down and relax for sleep. Make sure that your rehearsal dinner timing doesn’t interfere with this schedule or you may struggle to sleep before your wedding.

Although many couples don’t worry about sleep issues until the night before the wedding, developing healthy sleep habits can take a few weeks. Practice making time to rest in the weeks leading up to your wedding so that you can ease into sleep on the night before your big day.

Article contributed by guest author and researcher Samantha Kent.
Ellie Porter, Managing Editor of

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Vow Inspiration For All

Vow Inspiration

I love you

For all that you are

All that you have been

And all you are yet to be.

Rowan Atkinson – Father of the Bride

This is how a father of the Bride should not give a speech!

Couple’s Wedding Style

What Style Couple are you?

Most couples have a difficult time defining their style when it comes to planning their special day.  Some believe their ‘style’ is what their current home environment is while others believe their ‘style’ is  individual to the bride and individual to the groom.  Truth be told: they are all of the above combined.  Bringing a couple together to establish their stunning transformation into a ‘couples style,’ is one of the most fascinating and romantic time we enjoy when working with them.  It’s a new discovery for them to learn an aspect of each other that they did not know was still unexplored before the proposal.

Are you the TRADITIONALIST who loves classic, timeless patterns with a twist on black and white’s cool younger sister white and slate striking arrangements containing white cymbidium orchids paired with texture-rich succulents?

Are you the ECLECTIC who has a vision for mix-and-match combined with a retro style of accessories like Kate Spade and Baccarat?

Are you an ELEGANT who loves the soft tones with splashes of gold and mercury to add a sense of class and sophistication to your special day?

Are your VIBRANT who loves bold statement colors that adds a sense of fun to the wedding like Alice in Wonderland?

Whatever your style is,  find it and build a style for a lifetime together!

Purple Passion Wedding

Purple Passion wedding with touches of white!

Purple Passion wedding with touches of white!


Where to Cut the Budget

Where to cut the budget?

Couples ask us all the time how to cut their budget, yet have a great party.  We tell them to make two lists similar to what you do when preparing your guests list:  make a list of your ‘must-haves’ and ‘like-to-haves’.

Your must-haves are anything that will directly impact the wedding experience such as food/beverage, if you don’t provide these you will have a mob on your hands!

The ‘like-to-haves’ are going to be a band vs. DJ, lush and expensive floral, lighting.  It is easier to downgrade floral and the form of entertainment, but it’s not so easy to justify why the food is awful.

Fall Wedding Burnt Orange

A wedding in the fall is beautiful with all the burnt oranges and purples!

A wedding in the fall is beautiful with all the burnt oranges and purples!

Fatherly Advice

Speech Inspiration for the Father of the Bride

You find that it is always nice when the father of the bride gives some advice on married life.

Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

-Michael Leunig