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What You Need on Your Wedding Registry

Dallas Wedding Planner

Dallas Wedding Planner

A little detail that is often forgotten when planning a wedding is what to include on your wedding registry. There are a million other details to consider like your dress, what you’ll be serving at dinner, whether you want live music or a DJ…so your registry is often overlooked! Dallas wedding planner Divine Wedding Details has some great tips for what you should be including on your registry.

After your wedding, you and your loved one will be starting your new life together. All of those months spent thinking about wedding color schemes and bouquets will disappear. You’ll finally be living your normal life together as newly-weds. So this means you’ll be doing normal things again…like cooking and cleaning. Instead of deciding what your guests will be eating at your wedding, the two of you will be deciding what to cook up for dinner!

With cooking and cleaning comes lots and lots of supplies. So your registry should consist of things like a blender, coffee maker, dish sets, toaster ovens, etc. In addition, consider things like vacuums, dish towels, brooms, and more. Just think about all of those kitchen tools and cleaning supplies you use on a daily basis. This is a time to start fresh and buy the things that the two of you need to live a normal life together.

This Dallas wedding planner also reminds her couples that it certainly isn’t wrong to add a few special items to your registry! Have you been eyeing that beautiful duvet from Pottery Barn that would look perfect in your new master bedroom? Or what about that ceramic dish-set from Anthropologie? Don’t feel guilty adding a few special items like that to your registry! Your guests want you both to feel extra special on your wedding day and every day after that. Friends and family members are often more than happy to buy you those extra special items on your list. Lisa, an experienced and very knowledgable Dallas wedding planner, has all the answers to your questions about your wedding registry.

Fall Wedding Tips

DFW Wedding Planner

DFW Wedding Planner

A fall wedding sounds so dreamy – the temperatures are cooling down, the city is filled with warm tones, and the smell of pumpkin is constantly in the air. DFW wedding planner Divine Wedding Details has the best tips for making your fall wedding extra special.

For a fall wedding in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Lisa suggests picking a date in late October or early November. The cool temperatures during these few weeks of the year are perfect for a wedding. Also, if you schedule your wedding for the first few weeks of November, you’ll avoid big holiday weekends like Thanksgiving, which could be tricky to work around. In the DFW area, leaves don’t begin to fall until December. So October and November would be the perfect time to experience the orange and red foliage before the trees go bare in the winter.

Another great aspect of a fall wedding are seasonally-inspired elements that you can include in your decor. For example, the beautiful warm shades of fall foliage can provide you with an ideal color scheme! Lisa suggests shades like olive green, burnt orange, and deep burgundy, just to name a few. This DFW wedding planner is an expert when it comes to fall wedding decor.

Additionally, something that Lisa reminds her couples to be aware of is having an outdoor wedding. With fall comes the end of Daylight Savings Time. If you’re looking to have an outdoor ceremony, make sure you consider what time the sun sets. At the beginning of November, the sun sets around 5:30pm in the Dallas area. Just be mindful of this – it could also be a great advantage. If you choose to hold your ceremony around 5pm, your backdrop could be a beautiful sunset! An outdoor ceremony could also mean cooler temperatures, especially when the sun is setting. Something Lisa suggests is offering blankets or heaters for guests. Details like these could add an extra cozy feel to your fall wedding! If you’re ready to pick a date for a fall wedding, look no further. This DFW wedding planner has endless amounts of expert advice for your autumn-themed wedding.

Altar Trends We Love

Best Dallas Wedding Planner

Best Dallas Wedding Planner

Brides, grooms, and wedding planners have become more and more creative. Traditional wedding details are becoming more modern, and couples aren’t afraid to stand out! Something that Divine Wedding Details, the best Dallas wedding planner, has noticed are new trends in wedding altars. Brides and grooms push aside more traditional altars for something more exciting and creative!

A trend seen quite frequently are arches framed in foliage. These arches or frames come in all sorts of shapes. We’ve seen the traditional arch shape, a more modern rectangle, geometric shapes, or even full circles! Some are wooden, giving them a more rustic feel. Others come in various metallic materials like gold or copper, adding a sleek, modern touch. Still others take a step even further, using transparent materials to give the effect of floating foliage!

What makes these custom arches so special is that the materials and the foliage chosen allows the couple to add that unique touch to their day. They can frame the arch in whatever flowers they choose. For a more rustic feel, couples often choose wooden frames with dried grasses and warm pastels, for example. In contrast, eucalyptus and white flowers paired with golden, geometric frames is the way to go for a modern look. The best Dallas wedding planner, Divine Wedding Details, will find the right altar for your style!

Additionally, a few other elements that can add a special touch to your altar are draped fabric and vintage rugs. Finding a beautiful fabric that pairs perfectly with the colors of your wedding adds an elegant touch to any altar. Vintage rugs are also a perfect accessory to add a somewhat bohemian, relaxed feel to the altar space. These two elements could add just what you’re looking for to spice up your altar.

The altar is a special space for the happy couple on their wedding day, so it should represent them and their style! To define what that style may be for you and your loved one, look to the best Dallas wedding planner for a little advice.

The Secret to Finding the Perfect Dress

Premier DFW Wedding Planning

Premier DFW Wedding Planning

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be stressful! It often seems like there are a million styles or cuts to choose from. Where do you begin? Thanks to the premier DFW wedding planning of Divine Wedding Details, finding your dream dress can be stress-free!

A great tip for choosing the perfect dress is doing a little research before you begin the dress hunt. Flip through magazines or explore Pinterest to see if there are any styles that immediately catch your eye. From there, you’ll be able to narrow down what you like, making the search a little easier. This will give you a sense of the style you’re looking for, how much embellishment you’d like, etc.

Next, take some time to find a great bridal store. With Divine Wedding Details’ premier DFW wedding planning, you’ll be given great suggestions from Lisa for finding the right dress shop for you. She’s also very knowledgeable about the best bridal boutiques around the DFW area, and she only suggests the best for her brides!

In addition, Lisa suggests being open to new ideas and styles once you begin the try-on process. Go in with an idea of the style you’d like, but if someone suggests something a little outside of your comfort zone, give it a try! You might be surprised by something you weren’t expecting.

Another important suggestion from Divine Wedding Details is choosing a good group of people to accompany you on your dress search. Choose a small group of people whose opinions matter to you and bring them along to your bridal appointment. Inviting a large group of people along with multiple opinions can be very overwhelming! Pick three to four friends and family members who will give you helpful, honest opinions.

Choosing the perfect dress is a huge part of your special day, so consider these helpful tips from a premier DFW wedding planning source. Lisa from Divine Wedding Details wants to make your dress hunt to be as memorable and stress-free as possible!

Plan B – When It Rains on Your Wedding Day

You never know what kind of weather Dallas could throw at you at any time of year. No one expected the insane storm on Sunday afternoon that resulted in a city-wide power outage and broken trees lining every street. Thankfully, Dallas wedding coordinator Divine Wedding Details always has a backup plan for this city’s crazy weather patterns! Planners Lisa and Brit ensure that their couples have an indoor option in case they experience an unexpected storm on their special day. Thankfully this Dallas wedding coordinator knows how to make your day as memorable as possible, even with a little rain!

It’s so important to have a wedding planner for these types of spontaneous situations. Lisa and Brit have had plenty of experience turning a gray, rainy day into a shining memory for their brides and grooms. With their positive attitudes, they encourage their couples to stay calm under the stress of the situation. They are always well-prepared for any kind of weather. With their expertise, they are ready to make plans with the couple’s venue to organize a last-minute indoor ceremony or set up a covered area or tent.

One of the most important jobs for this Dallas wedding coordinator is to support the bride and groom. Lisa and Brit remind their couples that a little bad weather will definitely not ruin their day. In fact, rain on your wedding day is good luck! So Lisa and Brit have learned how to make the most of gray, rainy weather. They can turn it into something magical. With a little extra planning for materials like umbrellas and towels, you and your guests will still remember your day with joy. So have no fear of a little rain on your wedding day! Divine Wedding Details has you covered – both figuratively and literally.

What Makes a Great Wedding Planner?

How do you know if Divine Wedding Details is the right planner for you? Lisa has established herself as one of the best DFW planners because of her friendly personality and her attention to detail. She has an unmatched ability to get things done in a professional manner. Lisa is a Certified Dallas Wedding Planner/Dallas Event Planner with thirteen years of experience in wedding planning. Additionally, she has twenty years of experience with legal work, so she’s knowledgable about contracts and negotiations.

She has established lasting relationships with various venues and vendors throughout the DFW area. Lisa offers all kinds of services for her brides and grooms. She offers full wedding day service and management. In addition, she can recommend the best vendors for your wedding cake, invitations, hand-written signage, and so much more. She also provides a budget for the couple. This ensures that they get exactly what they want without overspending.

Lisa’s fellow planner Brit has a deep passion for weddings. This has made her the perfect addition to the Divine Wedding Details team for the last three years. She has excellent taste and is known for being an extremely hard worker. Her excellent work ethic helps her get the job done well and in a timely fashion. In addition, she loves getting to know her clients and their love story. Along with her passion for weddings, she has experience in financial planning. She is the perfect person for ensuring that the couple stays within their wedding budget.

Lisa and Brit make the perfect pair for wedding planning. Lisa’s relationship with DFW vendors combined with Brit’s love for weddings has proven to be the perfect combination. Because of their teamwork and attention to detail, Divine Wedding Details has become one of the best DFW planners in the area.

Picking the Best Venue

There are endless amounts of DFW wedding venues. How do you know which is the right one for you? One of the best tips for choosing a venue is hiring a planner who is knowledgeable about the area. Lisa and Brit of Divine Wedding Details are experts when it comes to DFW wedding venues. They have worked with many venues throughout the area. They know how to choose the proper location for what you’re looking for.

There are a few important things to consider when you’re on the hunt for your perfect venue. When are you wanting to get married? Does your venue need to have a nice outdoor space for a spring or fall wedding? Or do you prefer an indoor space to avoid hot summer temperatures? In addition, another important factor to consider is the number of guests you plan to have. You both may have a long list of friends and family members that you want at the ceremony and reception. If that’s the case, then the amount of space the venue offers is something your planners will need to think about.

Furthermore, you may need to consider the distance from a specific point in the DFW area. How far do you expect your guests to drive to the venue? Are there plenty of hotels nearby?

Lisa and Brit have thought of each of these little details and more to ensure that they’re aware of the best locations for any of these factors. Thankfully, with their knowledge of DFW wedding venues and their years of experience, they’ll be able to find the perfect spot to cater to your needs. Based on the season, the number of guests, and the style that you’re looking for, Divine Wedding Details will find you your ideal venue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Click here to contact Lisa and Brit if you’re ready to start searching for your perfect venue.

Bouquet Trends

Dallas wedding trends are constantly changing with the times. Fortunately, your favorite Dallas wedding planner is always up to date on these trends and ensure that they keep their clients updated, as well. A very important detail on your wedding day is the bouquet! Flowers play such an important part in a wedding. Without them, your day would be much less lively and colorful. So it’s important to be aware of the trends so you can look back on your special day and be proud of the decisions you made for each of the details.

  • We’re only halfway through 2019 and we’ve already witnessed some extremely unique bouquet trends popping up. There are quite a few that have caught our eye. One is the single-stem trend. Recently, we’ve seen brides choosing one large, statement flower on its own or paired with subtle greenery as an alternative to the classic bouquet.
  • Another trend we’ve recently noticed as warmer weather is arriving is the use of tropical leaves. Tropical leaves are often quite large and a beautiful shade of deep green. These qualities make them just as eye-catching as bright flowers. With the breezy temperatures we’ve had here lately, these tropical leaves would make for the perfect Dallas wedding trend.
  • Another lovely trend we’ve seen are bouquets with dried flowers and grasses. This type of bouquet would be a great choice for a rustic or bohemian-style wedding.
  • Another style that has caught our eye is monochromatic bouquets. Florists have combined various types of flowers but maintained a single color scheme. For example, they’ll combine white roses, baby’s breath, white carnations, etc. to maintain one color for the whole bouquet. The variety of flowers maintains that eye-catching quality that is worthy of a walk down the aisle.

The options listed above are just a few of the many Dallas wedding trends we’ve seen recently! Planners and florists are getting more and more creative with floral bouquets, making those little details in your wedding day even more special.

Self Care for the Stressed Bride – DFW Planner


DFW Planner

Wedding planning can be stressful. As a DFW planner, we know. You want everything to be perfect, look perfect, and go perfectly. This is a big task for anyone to take on and can lead to some serious stress levels. It is so important to take care of yourself during this time so that you don’t get weighed down and frustrated. We have taken our time to line up some ways to take the stress off of you.

  • Be sure to workout! Being able to take your frustration out on weights and gym machines will feel amazing, and you’ll feel the stress shed off. Plus, you’ll get a great night’s sleep after a good workout.
  • Which leads us to, get plenty of sleep! You might catch yourself staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning stressing about wedding planning and going through websites for wedding tips, but that’s not good for your body. Be sure to get rest at night and even if you need to take naps during the day. It will help to reduce stress by a lot.
  • Don’t constantly be thinking about planning your wedding either! Make sure to give yourself a couple of days a week that are “no planning” days. Anything in excess isn’t good for you, and that includes stressing yourself out over planning.
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate, either! Plenty of people will offer to help you or ask what you need help with. Tell them! Let them help you even though you may not want to admit that you need help. It will take a lot of stress off of you knowing that you won’t have to worry about something small.
  • Lastly, Parks and Rec said it best: treat yo’self. Go get a mani/pedi, a massage, or have a spa day and spend a whole day just relaxing instead of being in the nitty gritty of wedding planning.

Wedding Cake Trends We Love


Dallas Wedding Planning

The wedding cake is a big deal. We know that, you know that, everyone knows that. That’s why when it comes to Dallas wedding planning, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting cake trends! Every couple deserves to have the perfect wedding cake for them (even if the perfect one isn’t cake at all). It is one of the centerpieces of the reception and something that everyone will want to see, so it should reflect you and your style. Here are some fun trends that we have been seeing.

  • One trend that we have seen a lot is one-tiered wedding cakes. One tier does not mean that it has to be a boring cake, though. You can still have all of the frills, textures, and flowers, just on a minimal scale. This trend is great for the minimalist couple. So that your guests can all still get cake, you can even have sheet cake for everyone to eat.
  • Another unique trend that we have seen over the years is adding bright pops of color onto the cake rather than all white or limited pastels. On top of the bright colors, we have seen tile patterns added onto cakes using those color pops. This tiling is a great way to add your own personality into your wedding cake while still having an overall traditional cake.
  • We have also seen edible flowers added onto cakes. Whether on top of tiers or pressed into the icing on the side, this is a beautiful trend that is sure to stick.
  • Lastly, having a cake that is not cake has been becoming more and more popular. Couples are opting for donuts, cupcakes, stacks of cheese wheels, pies, and so many more. You don’t have to feel the pressure to have a traditional cake on your wedding day.