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Wedding Cake Trends We Love


Dallas Wedding Planning

The wedding cake is a big deal. We know that, you know that, everyone knows that. That’s why when it comes to Dallas wedding planning, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting cake trends! Every couple deserves to have the perfect wedding cake for them (even if the perfect one isn’t cake at all). It is one of the centerpieces of the reception and something that everyone will want to see, so it should reflect you and your style. Here are some fun trends that we have been seeing.

  • One trend that we have seen a lot is one-tiered wedding cakes. One tier does not mean that it has to be a boring cake, though. You can still have all of the frills, textures, and flowers, just on a minimal scale. This trend is great for the minimalist couple. So that your guests can all still get cake, you can even have sheet cake for everyone to eat.
  • Another unique trend that we have seen over the years is adding bright pops of color onto the cake rather than all white or limited pastels. On top of the bright colors, we have seen tile patterns added onto cakes using those color pops. This tiling is a great way to add your own personality into your wedding cake while still having an overall traditional cake.
  • We have also seen edible flowers added onto cakes. Whether on top of tiers or pressed into the icing on the side, this is a beautiful trend that is sure to stick.
  • Lastly, having a cake that is not cake has been becoming more and more popular. Couples are opting for donuts, cupcakes, stacks of cheese wheels, pies, and so many more. You don’t have to feel the pressure to have a traditional cake on your wedding day.

Choosing the Right Honeymoon Destination

Destination Wedding Planner

So you’re married! You got through all the planning, the stress, the big, beautiful day, and now its time for your honeymoon. If you’re still engaged and that sentence will apply to you in a few months, congratulations! As a destination wedding planner, we would love to help you decide where you will be spending your first trip as a married couple! Here are a few tips from the pros on how to choose your destination.

  • First up, set the budget. Don’t just set the budget, but be realistic and stick to it. Honeymooning at a private villa in Bali with room service every morning sounds great, but the bill might be a reach. When you stick to your budget, even in the searching process, you won’t end up disappointed if a more expensive option doesn’t work out since it won’t be on the table.
  • Make sure to think about weather. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, love mild temperatures, but really want a winter wedding? In this case, Ireland may not be the best choice. Be aware of what the weather will be like no matter where you are going. No one wants to wear a coat when they really want to be wearing shorts.
  • You will want to consider the vibe that you are wanting out of a honeymoon, as well. Are you both laid-back people? It might be better to have a slow, beach honeymoon that you will never have to worry about being somewhere for. If you like adventure, it might be better to have a honeymoon in a new place with sightseeing and lots of things to experience.

In the end, your honeymoon is your honeymoon and wherever you choose to go, you will have a great time with your new spouse. Have fun choosing a destination and imagining yourselves somewhere new together.

Unique Outdoor Summer Wedding Inspiration


DFW Wedding Planner

We love being a DFW wedding planner in the summertime. With summer comes all new wedding trends that just aren’t possible at any other point in the year. It is a unique season because you can use the outdoors as much as you would like to with such little worry. We have been scoping out all of the fun trends for summer weddings and wanted to share some of the unique ones that we are loving right now.

  • Are you having an outdoor reception? If the land you are on allows, having a bonfire to end the night would be the icing on top of the cake. It would be perfect for any wedding, but especially a more rustic-themed one. You can even have a s’mores station for your guests while you all continue to party and hang out.
  • Another fun addition to an outdoor reception are yard games! Get a giant Jenga set, corn hole, and Kan Jam for everyone to play with when they want a break from dancing. This will also keep any children occupied so that they’re not bored and wanting to go home before their parents are ready to leave.
  • Rather than heavy desserts, go for lighter, cooler fares. Rent a soft-serve ice cream machine or have berry popsicles! This will keep everyone cool in the Texas summer heat.
  • Maybe you’re a fan of specific patterns, like gingham, but don’t know how to incorporate that into your wedding without it feeling like a picnic? Have your bridesmaids wear gingham dresses in summery shades to match your color scheme. From there, you can even get gingham, or any other summery pattern, bowties to match the dresses. It will be a unique twist on the party’s attire.

For more fun and unique DFW summer wedding planning, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Anthropologie Inspired Wedding Day

Best Dallas Planner

We all love Anthropologie, even the best Dallas planner, Divine Wedding Details, does! What would be better than a Anthropologie themed wedding? There are so many ways to add Anthropologie furniture and decor into your wedding to make you feel like you just stepped into a catalog.

  • The first way to include Anthropologie in your wedding is to find your dress and accessories in their wedding line, BHLDN. The dresses in this line are magical and incredibly well-priced for it to be a line from Anthropologie! Hop on over to the website to see all of the styles.
  • Another way to make your wedding be Anthropologie inspired is by using their furniture to create a lounge area at your reception! Look for furniture that can be reused in your house with your fiancé. A beautiful piece that we found for a lounge area is the Peacock Cabana Daybed. This might sound odd, but add some pillows and you’ve got the perfect lounge chair!
  • During the food portion of your reception, ditch waiters pouring wine straight from wine bottles, and instead stock up on a couple of the Elena Carafes. These are a small touch that will go a long way. It is in the small details that we see themes being executed the most.
  • If you are going to have a table with old family portraits of past weddings, look into these fun picture frames! They will give you the perfect vintage feel to your families’ old photographs.
  • Last but not least, decorate your aisles with some lanterns or vases from Anthropologie to set the mood. After the ceremony, you can reuse these decorations at your reception! Make them be on the floor throughout lounge areas or even be a part of the centerpieces at tables.

Best Wedding Day Snacks

Dallas Wedding Coordinator

It’s your big day! Your Dallas wedding coordinator, bridesmaids, sisters, and mother are all with you to get ready for the day. But wait! You’re hungry, but you’re nervous to eat because what if you begin to bloat and then somehow you don’t fit into your dress? It is nerve-wracking. Our first and best advice for your big day, is to eat! You don’t want to feel woozy mid-ceremony because you were too nervous to eat anything. We have compiled a list of the best wedding day snacks to get you through the day without feeling bad or becoming bloated.

  • A few snacks that are good all across the board for feeling good and not becoming bloated are fruits! Start your day off with a nice fruit salad of your favorites. This will not only be delicious, but give you energy from the natural sugars.
  • Another good snack throughout the day are fruit and nut bars. Try something like a Lara Bar or an RX Bar! They both have plenty of servings of protein and fruit to keep you going and keep you full.
  • Snacks that are good to keep on hand and carry around are popcorn and nuts. Popcorn, especially without butter, will fill you up, but in the good way! Nuts will help to fill you up with their protein, as well. These are both snacks to eat with ease, that you know will not stain.

Make sure to avoid what you know makes you feel bloated and not good. For some people that might be bread, and if so, don’t have toast for breakfast! For other people that might be dairy, sugar, or caffeine. You know your body best, so you know what to avoid to feel your very best on your big day!

5 Questions to Ask Your DFW Planner

DFW Planner

Knowing all about your DFW planner is so important to ensure your big day goes perfectly as planned! You don’t want to find out the day of your rehearsal dinner that it is not included in a base price for your planner to be there. Make sure to ask lots of questions when looking for a planner and continue to throughout the process. Here are 5 questions that we think are important to know and ask!

  • What events are included? This is an important question because not all wedding planners include the rehearsal dinner, for example, into their pricing. It is important to know this because you don’t want to get to an important day in your wedding planning and unexpectedly not have your planner there.
  • What is their experience in wedding planning? It is always nice to know if you are the third wedding that they have planned or the 300th. It will help expectations on both ends and clear up any confusion if they seem to be asking a lot of questions or if they have to take a little bit more time to figure things out.
  • Do they have back up? This one seems like an odd question, but if your wedding planner is sick on your big day, what will happen? Do they have someone to step up in their place that can do just as good of a job?
  • What services aren’t included that might be needed? Maybe your planner leaves finding a printer for your wedding invitations up to you, these are things you need to know! Be sure to know for certain what is and is not included.
  • How many hours are included day of? Will they be there the whole ceremony? Two hours? Keep this question in mind to ask so that you know what to expect of your planner on your big day.

We at Divine Wedding Details would love to be your planner and answer all of these questions for you! Please contact us if you want more information.

Best Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Styles

Dallas Wedding Planner

As a Dallas wedding planner, I see so many flower girl and ring bearer styles and trends. There are always new things out there for the two to carry or wear. This makes it possible for this position in the wedding to be as traditional or unique as you would like it to be! Here are some fun tips and styles that you can use on your big day.

Flower Girls
  • Flower girls traditionally carry a basket of flowers to toss into the aisle, but this can easily be changed up! Think about all of the things that flower petals could be placed into to carry. You could use a rustic bucket, a lantern, or even something like a cowboy hat. It will be even cuter when they use something unique.
  • Speaking of unique, you can even have the flower girls throw something other than flower petals! They can be throwing confetti, glitter, or even initials out.
  • When it comes to what flower girls wear, the tradition is white, to match the bride. You can either stick with that or go with something that matches the bridal party’s dresses. It will look even more cohesive and make your flower girl feel like she is fully a part of the big day.
Ring Bearers
  • Have the ring bearers match the groomsmen fully; if the men are wearing polka dot suspenders, have your ring bearer do the same. It will not only keep everyone matching, but it will look so adorable!
  • Instead of having the ring bearers carry the rings in on a traditional pillow, opt for something more personal or unique. Maybe you have old quilt squares from a grandparent or a personalized pillow. You might even use something like a bed of flowers to match the florals in your wedding. Make this as fun as you would like it to be!

Morgan & Kevin – Dallas Wedding

Dallas Wedding

Morgan and Kevin had their happy day on June 2, 2018 at their church, and then headed over to Verona Villa for their reception. The whole event was a beautiful and intimate Dallas wedding that we loved to see all the way through!

Morgan looked stunning in her flowing, lacy wedding gown and gold shoes. Her joy for the day showing so easily throughout the entire ceremony, reception, and every picture, as well. She was a stunning bride.

During their ceremony in the beautiful church, the two visibly showed heir vows to each other and their loved ones through a traditional knot ceremony. Through the entire ceremony, you could feel the love, not only from the bride and groom, but from all of their family and friends, as well.

Going into the reception, Verona Villa was a perfect backdrop to continue the festivities at—with their rustic feel and wooden walls, the couple’s colors fit the venue beautifully. The couple’s cake was a fun rendition of your traditional wedding cake with ruffles topping each top edge of the different sizes of cake with floral arrangements around it. To end the night, the couple’s friends and family lined up with sparklers to send them off!

Throughout the wedding the couple used blues, greys, and varying shades of light pinks and peaches throughout their wedding. The groomsmen all had blue ties with their grey suits while Kevin had a pink tie. The bridesmaids each had a blue, lace flowing dress to match Morgan’s flowing gown. The sunset even matched their wedding colors, and Joseph Mark Photography made sure the capture that beauty in breathtaking photos that the couple will always cherish.

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Nadia & Neema – Dallas Wedding

Dallas Wedding

Nadia and Neema’s wedding was one of the most beautiful Dallas weddings we have gotten the pleasure to help with! The couple got married on July 21, 2018 in the top floor of the Cityplace Tower, giving them a beautiful view of downtown Dallas. The venue was outfitted in draping florals from A Man and A Woman Floral Design. Between the view and the beauty of the decor, the wedding itself was amazing to behold!

Nadia wore a beautiful mermaid style Vera Wang gown that ruffled off at the bottom coupled with Christian Louboutin shoes. Her hair and makeup was done by local makeup artist and hair stylist, PaperDolls. Nadia was simply stunning, and even with such a beautiful view of Dallas, all eyes were on her throughout the whole evening. Her now husband, Neema, wore a Ralph Lauren tuxedo next to her. The two also had stunning Cartier wedding rings to give to each other on their special day.

The wedding colors were lilac, cream, and light pink which were seen throughout the entire wedding. The maid of honor’s dress was a beautiful light pink, and the rest of the bridesmaids either went with lilac or a cream color, making the whole bridal party a nice pastel range. These colors were seen throughout the reception, as well. There were chic, white orchids decorating each table, and the cake was cream with pink and cream flowers all along one side, made by Dallas Affaires, it was incredibly unique.

The happy couple will always remember their wedding through the lens of their memories and their videographer, Elle Films, LLC. The two ended their night with beautiful pictures in front of the Dallas skyline, that they will be able to reminisce on for years to come. Congratulations to the Dads!

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Are Animals a Good Fit for Your Dallas Wedding?

dallas wedding planner

Dallas Wedding Planning

You might want your favorite furry friend at your wedding day to celebrate with you on your special day. Whether it’s the puppy you and your soon-to-be spouse got on your one year anniversary or it’s the donkey at your grandparent’s farm that has meant so much to you since you basically grew up with it, there is so much significance to having your pet there. There are definitely pros and cons of having animals at your wedding, here are a few:


  • The biggest pros are that you can have your furry best friend there on your special day! Your dog, cat, or any other animal, loves you so much and you love it, so of course you want it to really be a part of the family in this special way.
  • Secondly, you could have your animals not only be there, but be in the wedding. Maybe you want your dog to be the ring bearer, or your flower girls to ride down the aisle on your family’s horse? It would make such a personal, fun touch to your wedding that everyone would keep talking about.
  • Lastly, your wedding pictures can include your fur baby! You’ll be able to see your whole family in your pictures on your special day, and that is priceless.


    As good as the pros are, there are cons.

  • Firstly, there might be an extra pet deposit at your venue.
  • You will also have to think about how your animal will be taken care of and fed during the reception, or even when it is not in the ceremony. You can always hire someone to take care of your pet during these times, but the extra cost is something to take into consideration.
  • Lastly, you will have to be prepared for anything unexpected that your animal will do! Even if your dog is the best dog, he/she probably has not been around so many people before. Be ready for any surprise behavior.